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Executive Staff

Rich Scarborough, 
Healthcare Consultant

Have you established a 5 year time horizon towards you employer medical program? Fully insured carriers have done a wonderful job of training employers to have a 12 month program, which is to their financial advantage and the employers’ TREMENDOUS disadvantage. Renaissance Employer Solutions is the "Game Changer"​for employers. We put the employer in total control of their financial future with their employee medical plan eliminating fully insured carrier profitability and limiting Affordable Care Act exposure.

Our exclusive, national, Medical Captive Insurance Company is only available through limited agents nationwide. Due to our 25 years of consulting experience, we are fortunate to be the only consulting firm in Central Florida aligning employers with our medical captive program and eliminating excessive profits of traditional medical carriers.

Our onsite & near site primary care physician model will get employees’ healthcare costs under control. 40% of all employees have not seen a primary care physician in the last 2 years; soaring healthcare costs drives health insurance rates…it’s that simple.

ACA compliance continues progress with the IRS currently auditing PPACA compliance for the 2015 tax year. All employers must comply or be subject to severe IRS penalties & fines. Our firm fulfills all IRS & Department of Labor requirements for our clients, at no additional cost.

Fully insured medical insurance is matching “winners” with “losers…” the winners always subsidize the losers. My question to you is, “Are you a company that wants to win or a company that wants to lose?”

Bryn Scarborough,
Healthcare Consultant

My niche market is identifying Employers that have had their DAMMIT moment: "Dammit, I am not going to pay another rate increase! There HAS to be another way to manage my program.”

The number one question I ask my customers is the following:
"Is your employee benefit program where it is today because of an intentional strategy determined 2-3 years ago that you have executed, or is it where it is today because of a series of reactions to premium increases?" I never ask a question I don't already know the answer to....

Qualifying for a Medical Captive is our solution for employers to take control of their costs, drive down claims and formulate a strategy for long-term success.

I gained extensive knowledge of “the best kept secrets” while working behind the proverbial “curtain” of 2 Insurance Industry Giants. Whether you are being delivered a 50% rate increase or a 0% rate increase fully insured…you are leaving money on the table.

With our strategic programs, we eliminate Insurance Company Profit Margin and put money back in to your Employee Benefits Program which will, ultimately, improve the health and productivity of your employees.


My career in Employee Management &  Advocacy started in the Entertainment Industry in 2008. For 8 years, I worked with Human Resources as an advocate for Employee Benefits Implementation, Management, Health & Wellness Initiatives for Disneyland, Disney World, SeaWorld Orlando and San Diego, including various Production Companies in the Central Florida area. In 2016, I was recruited by Renaissance Benefit Advisors due to the prior success’ achieved, specifically, in employee engagement for Wellness and Patient Advocacy.

Dennis Chambers
Employee Advocate & Wellness Director